About us

The cooperative arose thanks to the initiative of a group of farmers of the locality of Cieza (Murcia) that were convinced that through the cooperativism they would be able to achieve better its objectives combining its forces and leaving behind the competitiveness that years ago existed and that in greater or smaller measure did that some objectives not to be reached.

Thader Cieza
150 members

So, in 1973, was stablished on said locality the first Cooperative of Fruits of the Region of Murcia. In the begining, the number of associates they were only 19, but currently there are a total of 150. This increased due to the fact that the cooperative members realised that through cooperativism and not competitiveness they achieved better their objectives. This encouraged others to take part in the cooperative.

Although it was created on the year 1973 as S.A.T. THADER Nº 4697, in the year 1992 we transformed into THADER CIEZA S.C.L.

Thade Cieza
Thader's Objectives

Thader Cieza S.C.L. has always been defined as “A business of farmers to the service of its clients”. To give compliance to this principle and being conscious that we find us immersed in a market more globalize and competitive, in our business management there always are objectives to consider:

Assuring the programming of the production and its adaptation to the demand, especially as for the quantity and the quality.
Promoting the concentration of the offer and putting the production of our members in the market.
Reducing costs of production and normalizing prices of the production.
Promoting practices of cultivation and techniques of production and respectful management with the environment, especially to protect the quality of the water, of the floor and of the landscape and to preserve and promote the biodiversity.
Use of our members of environment-respectful techniques, as for practices of cultivation and as to the management of the materials used.
Including in the financial forecasts the technical media and necessary humans to guarantee the control of the compliance of the norms and phytosanitary dispositions and the authorized maximum contents of residues.
Increment of the commercial appraisal of the products of the associates.
Improving the quality of the products of our associates.
Consolidate and enlarge the personnel of the industry.