The Thader Cieza Cooperative which markets and exports fruits arose from the initiative of a group of farmers who were convinced that through cooperativism they would better be able to obtain their objectives by joining forces. So then, in 1973 the first Fruit Cooperative of the
Region of Murcia was created. Currently there are over 150 members who make up the cooperative. Over 40 sweet years in this sector guarantees the quality of its products. Thader has modern facilities of approximately 12,000 m2 located in the northern half of the Region of

Its entrepreneurial efforts have enabled Thader to increase its staff, improve the quality and presentation of its products, and in turn, adding to their variety, establish moder environmental protection policies, as well as to increase the efficiency of its processing procedures. This company has implemented the ISO 9001, ISO 14000, GlobalG.A.P, B.R.C. and LESSCO2 quality standards.

All things considered, we can sum up that:
The company is a dynamic pioneering company which is strongly committed to R+D+I, and committed to a modern, clean and best quality agriculture. As well as a company with a capacity to cater to all markets.

“40 years betting on a big team”


Increasing of a 18% during 2013-2013 season.
In Thader Cieza we continue demonstrating our company value, investing in innovation and effort to get better results every year. As a reward, we are closing 2012 with an 18% increase in our sales...
And the new corporative video.
We are renewing our website to fulfill market demands. It is our compromise to offer innovation and modernism through our whole process. At the same time, we are launching our new corporative video...
We are celebrating our 40th birthday
Forty years being one of the firsts in production and quality in Murcia, exporting to Europe, Arab Emirates and South America. We have earned the support and trust of a lot of people, due to our...

Fairs and events

The cooperative Thader Cieza will be exhibiting at the International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry ‘Fruit Attraction 2013’ with a stand open to all cooperative members and visitors...